Our Team

We pride ourselves on our professional expertise and build trust through our strong working relationships. Have a look at who we are, and what we can bring to your organisation.

  • Hugh Duignan

    Managing Partner

    As an avid technologist, Hugh founded ebabble Consulting in 2002 and has over 25 years’ experience across multiple disciplines including systems design/architecture, security architecture and the delivery of large-scale projects.

    He has been involved in the design and delivery of large-scale merger and acquisition projects throughout Europe, for a number of clients.

  • Ken Moore

    Principal Consultant

    With 25 years’ experience in a number of different sectors, Ken has spent the past 15 years in the Financial Services where he worked on banking, finance, payments and data migration projects. His expertise lies in programme delivery, test-programme management, change management, process improvement and all things Q&A related.

    Ken was responsible for the test-programme delivery for the largest transfer of loans between financial institutions in Irish history (€35bn) and the systems implementation for managing those loans once migration was completed.

    He has also recently managed the technical delivery and testing across three European sites, for a cutting-edge mortgage lending platform designed for the Dutch market.

  • Kathleen Deevy

    Principal Consultant

    Kathleen has a passion for process improvement, operational excellence and getting things right first time, which is why she is responsible for operations at ebabble Consulting.

    She has been involved in multiple test and delivery projects for multiple large-scale government and financial organisations.


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